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Zoho One Implementation

Transform your business operations, improve productivity and empower your sales and marketing teams with Zoho One’s suite of SaaS integrated applications.

Zoho Implementation Services

The Zoho Cloud application suite offers feature-rich applications for your entire team, accessed via a centralized portal. The Zoho software stack provides comprehensive solutions covering sales and marketing, finance, email and collaboration, IT and help desk, human resources and more. Bleevit is a certified Zoho Partner and a user of Zoho One’s extensive capabilities for our business operations; our consultants possess years of experience implementing and managing this suite of integrated applications for our clients.

Featured Zoho One Applications

Platform and Data to Manage the Sales Process for Prospects and Customers

Zoho CRM

Zoho’s customizable, multichannel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application enables businesses to personalize and automate sales process steps, including lead nurturing, opportunity conversion and pipeline management. Sales representatives will appreciate Zoho CRM’s templated communications, activity management and user-friendly desktop and mobile applications. Management will gain unsurpassed visibility into the entire sales process with KPI dashboards, alerts and reminders and robust standard and analytical reporting. Integrate Zoho CRM with your existing business applications, such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, many marketing apps and more, to enhance the customer experience and capture relevant data tied to revenue opportunities.

Gain deeper insights into your existing leads, prospects and customers by tracking and automatically updating their interactions with your business. Sales reps can easily add new leads and contacts into the CRM using the integrated Zoho Card Scanner app to scan business cards right into the database. New leads are automatically captured from website forms, call tracking systems and other sources via native and Zapier integrations. Zoho’s CRM supports proper marketing attribution, pipeline status, in-depth reporting and lead/customer segmentation with precise insights that guide sales and management decision making and resulting actions.

Once acquired as leads, work to personalize each step of the customer journey. Marketing automation from the CRM allows organizations to optimize their opportunities while also ensuring management visibility into the sales cycle. Create and send templated emails from the CRM and let process automation and lead distribution streamline your interactions and touchpoints. Create and automate custom business processes to specify workflows that enhance customer engagement for conversions.

Armed with more comprehensive insights into your target audiences and the capabilities to personalize and automate customer touchpoints, Zoho CRM also offers innovative dashboard analytics capabilities, workflow automation and process management through its conversational AI-powered assistant, Zia.

Zia leverages data on conversion, marketing and sales performance to improve business processes by:

  • Finding data points in databases
  • Evaluating data to provide real-time analytics
  • Automating tasks
  • Suggesting customized workflows
  • Detecting workflow anomalies
  • Calculating lead and deal outcomes
  • Recommending sales actions
  • And much more to maximize sales opportunities and efficiencies

In short, the Zoho CRM offers incredible opportunities to propel growth by understanding how your prospects and leads engage, helping you actively manage your sales team, review marketing campaign performance and evaluate the effectiveness of your business processes.

Email Marketing and Automation Tools to Engage Prospects and Customers

Zoho Campaigns

Design, deliver and review the success of your email marketing campaigns right within Zoho Campaigns. Leverage the power of email marketing with a system that lets you target the right segments of your contact lists to deliver practical, well-designed campaigns with solid calls-to-action and precise engagement and reporting capabilities.

Whether you use layouts and pre-designed templates or build your own, create responsive and vibrant emails and newsletters via the simple user interface with a drag-and-drop campaign editor. Import contacts via Office 365, Google and more, then use rules-based integrations with Zoho CRM to sync contacts automatically across applications. Add custom fields and tags to contacts and manage your mailing lists with full segmentation capabilities to enable your marketing team to send targeted campaigns to just the right prospects. Send personalized content to specific contacts based on engagement and lead status using email marketing automation with email workflows and autoresponders.

Beyond email campaign design and distribution, Zoho Campaigns allows you to track recipient interactions and the success of your campaigns with real-time reports that analyze and provide statistics on opens, clicks, forwards, unsubscribes, bounces and more. Use performance stats to fine-tune your campaigns for optimal success. The native integration between Zoho Campaigns and Zoho CRM allows you to track individual engagement at the contact level.

Centralized Management of Social Channels and Messages

Zoho Social

Leverage the complete social media management platform for multiple brand channels, with unlimited posts, keyword monitoring and engagement tracking via one dashboard, on your desktop or mobile device using the Zoho Social app.
Post content simultaneously on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Business Profiles, or schedule content for specific dates and times for optimal engagement. A live stream of audience engagement to each social media channel and post allows you to respond to comments, questions and mentions in real-time. Analytics track engagement by post type and demographics, rank your top-performing clicks, shares, posts, pages and connections and compare organic vs. paid impressions and reach. Due to integration with Zoho CRM, you can even monitor engagement on a contact level.
Customizable Workflow-based Operations for Effective, Resilient Project Management

Zoho Projects

Streamline your project management activities and related reporting and allow your teams to work the way they find most productive. With customizable workflows and views, alerts and reminders, project and task level templates, integrated time tracking, milestone management and integration with Zoho Books and Zoho CRM, you can effectively manage all your deliverables with Zoho Projects. Plan and execute your goals, track your progress, collaborate efficiently with your team and report on your achievements.

Ensure the entire team is on the same page while supporting individual working styles with customizable classic, plain and Kanban views. Create project and task templates or start from scratch, incorporate milestones and dependencies and develop task lists and individual tasks to improve team efficiency and effectiveness. Add internal and external project members to projects (including clients) for seamless collaboration.

Track internal and client time within tasks and classify the time as billable or non-billable using the built-in timer and integration with Zoho Books or the Zoho Invoice application. Define and use blueprints to automate custom workflows. Integrate Zoho Projects seamlessly with Google, Dropbox, Zapier, GitHub, Zoho CRM and more. Comprehensive reports track task completion, project statuses, overdue work items, time and issues logged and more to develop customizable views providing snapshots of project status and progression.

Streamline Customer Service Request Management

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk provides unified multichannel communications with your customers so they can report bugs or issues, along with internal-level ticket creation, assignment and status management for collaborators and coworkers. Ensure timely responses and improve the speed of resolution with a centralized hub for addressing service requests, bug reports, client tickets and more.
Customers can submit questions and concerns via email, social media, live chat, telephony and web forms that all collect in one hub. Each request, question or task from customers gets opened as a ticket within the Zoho Desk system – where tickets can be assigned (either manually, through round-robin assignment or via workflow automation rules) and given due dates. Ticket owners (employees) are notified, respond to customer notes from within Zoho Desk, answer questions or confirm a task has been completed, then close the ticket upon resolution. Use customizable rules to designate when lack of ticket progress gets escalated to management.

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Zoho’s applications and capabilities extend well beyond the ones listed above, but the ones featured above are used most frequently by Bleevit and our clients. As a Zoho Authorized Partner, Bleevit specializes in implementation and consultation services for Zoho’s complete set of applications, emphasizing Zoho One for small to medium-sized businesses. Centralize your business management and operations with a cost-effective software solution for almost any size organization. Choose only the applications you need to run your business, and let Bleevit Interactive implement the solution and train your staff to ensure your organization benefits fully from the power of Zoho One.
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