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Zoho Implementation Services

As a certified Zoho Partner, Bleevit Interactive offers consulting services for Zoho’s attractively priced SaaS integrated applications. The Zoho Cloud software suite offers holistic solutions to business management and operations housed in one place, from sales and marketing, finance, email and collaboration to IT and help desk, human resource and custom solutions. Bleevit Interactive itself relies on Zoho’s extensive capabilities for business operations, with extensive experience in the implementation and management of this “operating system for business” in numerous client engagements.

Featured Applications

Zoho CRM

Zoho’s customizable, multichannel sales Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables businesses to learn about the preferences and behaviors of their prospects and customers, to personalize and automate steps of the customer journey and to predict improved workflow opportunities and customer needs. Integrate Zoho CRM with your existing business applications, such as G Suite, Office 365, LinkedIn and more, to enhance your current processes and capabilities.

Gain greater insights into your existing leads, prospects and customers by tracking and automatically updating their interactions with your business. Easily add new leads and contacts into the CRM using the integrated Zoho Card Scanner app to scan business cards right into the database, along with automated lead capture from website forms and call tracking systems. Zoho’s CRM can offer proper marketing attribution, in-depth reporting and lead/customer segmentation with precise insights that guide lead management actions.

Once acquired as leads, work to personalize each step of the customer journey. Marketing automation from the CRM allows organizations to optimize their sales funnel, while also dissecting how contacts interact with communications. Create and send templated emails from within the CRM and let process automation and lead distribution streamline your interactions and touchpoints. Create and automate custom business processes to specify workflows that enhance customer engagement for conversions.

Armed with more comprehensive insights into your target audiences and the capabilities to personalize and automate customer touchpoints, Zoho CRM also offers smart dashboard analytics capabilities, workflow automation and process management through Zoho’s conversational AI-powered assistant, Zia.

Zia leverages data on conversion, marketing and sales performance to improve business processes, by:

  • Finding data points in databases
  • Evaluating data to provide real-time analytics
  • Automating tasks
  • Suggesting customized workflows
  • Detecting workflow anolmolies
  • Calculating lead and deal outcomes
  • Recommending sales actions
  • And much more to maximize sales opportunities and efficiencies

In short, the Zoho CRM offers incredible opportunities to propel growth, improve sales and increase sales by understanding how your prospects and leads act, how your sales funnel and marketing efforts perform and evaluating the effectiveness of your business processes.

Zoho Campaigns

Design, deliver and dissect the success of your email marketing campaigns right within Zoho Campaigns. Whether you make use of layouts and pre-designed templates or build your own, create responsive and vibrant emails and newsletters via the simple user interface with a drag-and-drop campaign editor. Import contacts via Office 365, Google, and more, including rules-based integrations with Zoho CRM to sync contacts automatically across applications. Add custom fields to contacts and manage your mailing lists, with full segmentation capabilities to enable your marketing team to send targeted campaigns to just the right prospects. Send personalized content to specific contacts based on engagement and lead status using email marketing automation with email workflows and autoresponders.

Beyond email campaign design and distribution, Zoho Campaigns allows you track track interactions and the success of your campaigns with real-time reports that analyze and provide statistics on opens, clicks, forwards, unsubscribes, bounces and more. Use performance stats to finetune your campaigns for optimal success. Plus, the native integration between Zoho Campaigns and Zoho CRM allows you to track individual engagement at the contact level.

Zoho Social

The complete social media management platform for multiple brands, with unlimited posts, keyword monitoring and engagement tracking via one dashboard, on your desktop or mobile device using the Zoho Social app. Post content simultaneously on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google My Business, or schedule dates and times for optimal engagement. A live stream of audience engagement to each social media presence and post even allows you to respond to comments, questions mentions in real time. Analytics track engagement by post type and demographics, rank your top-performing clicks, shares, posts, pages and connections, and compare organic vs. paid impressions and reach. Again, engagement can be monitored on a contact level due to integration with Zoho CRM.

Zoho Projects

Manage all your workflows within Zoho Projects – your team can work in the fashion they find most productive, with classic project views and customizable Kanban task lists. Create project templates or start from scratch, plan projects using milestones, task lists and tasks to structure your project plans. Add internal and external project members to projects (including clients) for seamless collaboration. Track internal and client time right within tasks, and classify the time as billable or non-billable using the built-in timer and integration with Zoho Invoice application. Define custom workflows and use blueprints to automate those workflows. Integrate seamlessly with Google, Dropbox, Zapier, GitHub, Zoho CRM and more. Comprehensive reports will track task completion, project statuses, overdue work items, time logged, issues logged and more to develop customizable views providing snapshots of project statuses.

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk provides unified multichannel communication with your customers, as well as an avenue for opening internal tickets for collaborators and coworkers. Customers can submit questions and concerns via email, social media, live chat, telephony and web forms that all collect in one hub. Each request, question or task from customers gets opened as a ticket within the Zoho Desk system – where tickets can be assigned and given due dates. Tickets owners (employees) are notified, then respond to customer notes from within Zoho Desk, answering questions or confirming a task has been completed, then closing the ticket upon resolution.

Zoho Implementation Services

Zoho’s applications and capabilities extend well beyond the ones listed here, but the featured applications above are used most frequently by Bleevit and our clients. For those interested in the entire list of Zoho Apps, click here. As a Zoho Authorized Partner, Bleevit Interactive specializes in implementation and consultation services for Zoho’s complete set of applications, with a special emphasis on Zoho One for small to medium sized businesses. Centralize your business management and operations with a cost-effective software solution for almost any size business. Choose only the applications you need to run your business, and let Bleevit Interactive implement and train your staff to become self-sustaining users of your chosen solutions.

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