Rick Hogan

Rick Hogan

Why You Should Enhance Your Social Media Presence


Looking Good on Social Media Versus Looking Bad

With the advent of the web and social media a majority of your potential clients today will have already formed an opinion of you and your business well advance of your fist meeting. In fact if you don’t “look good” online, there is a good chance that the first meeting will never take place because their already working with someone who looked better than you did. While many may this reality new reality with disdain, fighting this fact is like fighting the tide, and besides, there is no really valid reason not to have your social media and web princess buttoned up and looking great.

Life before the web (LBW)

The before the web was a much simpler time for small business. You took out the largest Yellow Page ad you could afford and waited for the phone to ring. Because information was scarce, consumers relied on sales people to educate them on all sorts of offerings to help them make informed decisions and they usually gave 3 businesses a shot they found in the Yellow Pages. Businesses and consumers operated under this social contract for 50 years and all was good in the world.

Life After the Web (LAW)

The web has been the single biggest change agent for small businesses since the introduction of the rotary dial phone. 20 years ago consumers went out and shopped for information, and businesses pushed their marketing messages at consumers. The web has changed all that. Today people don’t ask their neighbor for a referral, they ask their social network, and they don’t call a business hoping a sales rep will visit them, they search the internet and gather information on how they can solve their problems.




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