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Long gone are the days when you could put up your website and leave it there, without looking at it again until you were ready for your next website! Modern websites are usually constructed in a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, and rely on a host of services to remain operational – SQL database, PHP code and CSS styling. Even the smallest website is now a target for bad bots, looking to inject malware or hack vulnerable components and plugins. Add to this the need for speed, which directly impacts search rankings and customer visits. We use the industry’s most advanced server-caching technology that allows a majority of page requests to be fulfilled at memory speeds which are up to 100 times faster than disk reads. Securely hosting and maintaining your business website should be done by professionals with the expertise to properly manage all aspects of the stack.


WordPress is the most popular CMS and requires ongoing technical updates, plugin updates and ongoing monitoring in order to remain operational. The underlying components that also help your website run, such as PHP versioning, memory allocation, server disk space and more must also be regularly reviewed and monitored. Bleevit employs tools to constantly monitor your website – from uptime alerts to nightly backups, we are able to quickly react and fix any issues keeping your website online and your customers and prospects engaged with your message, offers and content!


Our advanced cloud infrastructure, based on the latest container architecture, delivers a level of performance usually found only in much more expensive hosting offerings. In addition, we use isolation techniques that keep resources dedicated directly to serving your website to the web. We leverage the latest technology to compress website components when feasible and use advanced caching techniques to render your site as quickly as possible. We also regularly monitor our entire server architecture, increasing core CPUs and memory to manage even the highest of peak usage scenarios.


Bleevit employs multiple levels of security and recoverability for our hosting clients. We use market-leading firewall and threat detection software at the website level, which is designed to block nefarious visitors and bots in their tracks and detects non-human activities such as site-suckers and bots, restricting all site access to visitors suspected of attempting to hack or compromise your site.

In case of the very rare instance of site failure, Bleevit has a strong backup and recovery plan in place. Each site has multiple levels of daily backup – on a server and site basis, along with secure off-site storage of additional weekly backups.

Our ongoing technical updates also provide an additional layer of built-in security – as the WordPress CMS is updated to reflect technical fixes of security issues, and plugins and other components are upgraded, we regularly monitor for any security issues and perform hotfixes to eliminate those vulnerabilities.

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