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Your website represents your business and brand 24 hours a day–it’s also what makes a first impression on your visitors and customers, so it must be beautiful and clear. In a world with many different devices that can browse the web, it’s also important that your website is accessible on any device, like mobile phones or tablets. Your website must be integrated with your social media to unlock the power of social networking.
Another major aspect of effective web design is proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A properly designed website will rank well on search engines like Google, making your website easy to find and use.
Bleevit takes all of these factors into account when designing websites for the modern web and supporting your business by delivering online success.

Beautiful Across Every Device

Consumers make choices on who they do business with based on the user experience of a businesses website. Providing an incredible user experience across devices is essential in attracting and converting prospects today.

content rich

If your website is the body, your content is the brains of all your digital marketing efforts. Investing in content including messaging and positioning is essential for every successful digital marketing effort.

Local search engine optimized

Dominating your niche via effective local SEO depends on a variety of factors of which your website is at the center. Our process sends strong, consistent signals across the channels that will get you ranked.

frequently asked questions

How Much Do Your Websites Cost?
This is often the first question and as you can imagine there is no easy answer. The good news is that Bleevit is expert at using the industries most advanced theme-based eco-systems that delivery all the benefits of more expensive custom designs so we are more affordable than you may think. To be clear, we don’t produce $500 websites that typically provide very little benefit.  Our typical client is a local business that is looking for a digital marketing partner that will take their business and brand to the next level, and turn their website into a lead generating entity. This said we would be more than happy to discuss your project, goals and requirements in more detail, and if we have a fit, we will meet to extensively define the requirements and provide and a proposal that addresses the project in it entirity.
How long does it take to build a website?
A typical website project takes anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks depending on the scope of the project. Our design and delivery process includes our client’s input at key milestone which ensures we ultimately deliver a website that you and your customers will love!
What else do i need besides my website?
Like personal fitness, website success is dependent on doing a variety of the right activities over a period of time. Bleevit offers a variety of digital marketing services based on our proven digital marketing framework. Our framework addresses the various factors that will get your site ranked and our websites will get you noticed and users loving you.  As a part of our proposal process, we will make recommendations based on our research and provide a success plan.  
does bleevit offer web hosting?
Your Bleevit designed website is more than static HTML files, it’s a living and breathing business application tbat lives in the cloud and such needs to be hosted on a speedy server, monitored 24/7 and maintained and updated.  Bleevit offers advanced hosting and maintenance plans that keeps your website online and users safe and happy.

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