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Online visibility in local search is essential for local businesses to generate brand awareness, increase their lead flow and revenue opportunities and succeed in a digital-first business environment.

The first page of Google search results draws 75% of web traffic. Ranking high in local search is necessary to help your business compete effectively in your target market. Our Local SEO Audit helps you understand how your business performs for the most important factors that influence your search engine results rankings.

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The Local SEO Audit provides a detailed report of how well your business is performing in local search, and offers actionable information on how you can improve your current local search results.


You get a comprehensive local search audit that scours the web to provide a thorough local search report. You may use this in-depth analysis to begin addressing the local search factors that hold you back from local search success.


Our Local SEO Audit is powered by the industry’s most advanced tools and also provides up-to-date SEO best practices that comprehensively address local search rankings.


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