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Today’s consumer takes a path that only slightly mirrors the time before the internet – trusting the recommendations of others. The big shift is that consumers now look to the opinions not only of trusted friends and family, but also those of complete strangers who have left online reviews about a company’s goods and/or services.
For many years, it seemed the business owner had little control of what was communicated about their offerings, and the multitude of review sites that range from Amazon to Yelp made it incredibly difficult to keep up with consumer sentiment. Without proper management and regular monitoring, a company’s reputation can fall into a downward spiral.
Today, our reputation management solutions provide an opportunity for the business to be a part of the reputation conversation, and help drive positive reviews along with alerting you to any problem situations, thus giving you the opportunity to proactively address customer satisfaction issues. We carefully adhere to platform-specific terms of use guidelines, which most often means not gating reviews and allowing consumers to provide feedback publicly as intended by the review sites.

Reputation monitoring

Our reputation management platform is comprehensive, scanning hundreds of directories and platforms for reviews and mentions. This data is consolidated into an executive dashboard view, with functionality for administrators to actively acknowledge positive reviews and take action on negative feedback – reaching out directly to the affected consumer to help find a satisfactory solution. Response efforts can be led by your business, or by our reputation management experts.

Review generation 

Each interaction with a consumer offers the opportunity for a positive review – and the ability to shortcut negative brand experiences. Bleevit’s reputation management platform makes it easy for your staff to request reviews after the completion of service. Either one-by-one review requests, or data imports from your service management system can be used to elicit review requests – by email or text message. Years of reputation management experience has shown us that by asking, a business that takes provides excellent service will gain a large number of positive reviews as compared to those who do not ask. The simplicity of our review response platform makes it easy for your customers to let you know what they think – both good and bad, so you have the opportunity to respond.

review marketing

Once your business generates positive reviews, our review management platform has the ability to amplify the good news – embedding reviews on your website and sharing them throughout social media. We can tailor the platform so that it will also request the review provider share their own review – gaining mindshare with potential new customers on the social platforms they spend the most time on.

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