Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Increase leads and boost revenue with targeted Google Ads campaigns developed and managed by Bleevit’s experienced, certified team. Improve your return on ad spend (ROAS), leverage search and display platforms to address all stages of the buyer’s journey and enjoy total visibility via our interactive digital analytics and reporting dashboard.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns Designed for Profitable Returns

The Google Ads network is the most powerful and extensive advertising platform in the world. The ability to cost-effectively target local consumers actively researching and looking to purchase what you offer makes Google Ads campaigns a compelling channel for advertisers. It’s a powerful opportunity for small businesses to outperform their competitors in reaching and converting new customers.

As a badged Google Ads Partner for over seven years, we are experts at envisioning, developing and managing Google Ads campaigns that deliver a positive return on investment. Our PPC ad staff have deep knowledge of the platform and its complexities. We also possess the creativity and nimble mindset to deliver successful campaigns across the entire Google network.

Art Meets Science

The Art and Science of PPC

Successful PPC campaigns that deliver results are the combined efforts of art and science. Developing irresistible creatives that get clicks, landing pages that sell, crafting the right target audience and measuring conversions create a virtuous cycle of revenue opportunities.
Profitable & Measurable PPC

ROI-Focused PPC

Developing campaigns that deliver a positive return on investment is the goal for each PPC engagement. Our PPC and digital analytics experts work together to create, manage and measure Google Ads campaigns that deliver consistent, quantifiable and profitable results.
Our Expertise Drives Performance

Google Partnership

As a Google Partner, Bleevit meets the highest campaign management and performance standards. Our PPC experts meet Google’s rigorous annual certification process, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to campaign management excellence.

Google Ads Frequently Asked Questions

Bleevit’s Google Ads management fees start at $399 per month after an initial startup fee. Bleevit either creates a new Google Ads account or uses your existing Google Ads account. The client is responsible for paying for the cost of the ads themselves directly to Google outside of the management fee paid to Bleevit.
Effective Google Ads management is an ongoing effort. Bleevit’s focus is on developing ROI-positive campaigns. On an ongoing basis, our team of Google Ads certified experts perform keyword research and refinements, add and pause keywords as needed, review and update negative keywords and search term statuses, adjust campaign budgets and bids and revise/update creatives to improve ROAS.
Since ROI-positive campaigns are always the goal, Bleevit measures conversions as form fills, phone calls, text messages and purchases attributed to their source – Google Ads. We then compute cost-per-lead and other data, allowing you to match this information against sales data for a complete picture of your return on investment.
All clients receive a comprehensive monthly Google Ads report. You may also request access to Bleevit’s Integrated Digital Analytics system, where you can view live statistics on your Google Ads campaign and conversion performance.
As a certified Google Partners and with extensive experience under our belt, Bleevit confidently creates and manages all types of Google Ads campaigns on the Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping and Video platforms.
You own your Google Ads account, not Bleevit. As a Google Partner, we have a master account to manage client-specific campaigns.
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We love helping local businesses succeed and are honored by their positive reviews.
The Bleevit team has transformed our digital marketing. They are amazing! Highly recommended!
Paul Kordon
Dent Shop
Bleevit has helped to generate tons of leads and millions of dollars in sales for our organization!
Steve Schrader
BG Outdoor Services
Bleevit created and optimized our local online presence increasing web and foot traffic. We've never been busier.
Dawn Caicedo
Fur Factory