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Masterful Marketing: 4 Tips For A Successful Email Campaign


It’s no surprise that digital marketing is becoming more important in the digital age we live in. People are constantly on their phones, on social media, or on the Internet in general; successful marketing campaigns rely on the expert combination of all three. One area that’s been overlooked, however, is email marketing.

Search and email are the top two Internet activities, so why has one been ignored in favor of the other? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the preferred digital marketing tactic, but we’re here to teach you how to best take advantage of your customer’s email use so you can cover that other extremely important base. Let’s take a look at four tips to help you do just that.

  • Personalization is vital. Unsurprisingly, customers don’t like to be considered as nameless faces. Rather than send out the same emails to everyone on the mailing list, use the feedback you’re getting to split it into sections with different focuses; your consumers will feel as if you’re reading their minds!
  • Work with the customer. Think about your spam folder: you never check it because it’s always full of the same stuff — sales for things you’re not interested in. Break the cycle and customize the content to your consumers’ specific interests based on their previous behavior and demographical information.
  • Optimize and retest. No business or plan can stay the same forever. You must be committed to trying new things — figure out what isn’t working and change it. The data you can gain from multiple (different) campaigns can keep you up to date with the email marketing world and on the same page as your customers.
  • Give them space. Bombarding is bad! Your customers do want to hear from you, but not three times a day. Define a schedule based on the feedback you’ve received, and stick to it; otherwise, your customers may feel like you’re harassing them and that’s never good for business.

If you can expertly implement these tips (perhaps through the help of a digital marketing agency), your email marketing campaign will be far more successful, and will reach far more people, than your competitors.


  Rick Hogan, CEO & Co-Founder – Bleevit Interactive  Rick possesses over 20 years of digital marketing experience and started Bleevit Interactive with the primary mission of helping local businesses succeed online. When he is not working he can often be found hiking Great Falls, Virginia with his Labradoodle Lily, or sailing the Chesapeake Bay. If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve this post or otherwise want to give us a shout, send an email to hello@bleevit.com.

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