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Keep Up With The Competition With These 3 Marketing Strategies


In this advanced age that we live in, the only thing more powerful than our technology is the Internet itself. As search engines and social media platforms continue to dominate user focus, digital marketing has become its own beast; in order to stay afloat in an industry that sees so many sharks vying for the same slice of meat, you need to turn to specific strategies (such as search engine optimization or PPC marketing). Here are the three largest marketing tools at your disposal — wield them well, and your competitors will be swimming in your wake.  

  • Mobile Marketing: Studies show that around 95% of Americans own a cell phone of some kind, so targeting your consumers through their use of that phone is guaranteed to reach your audience. However, it isn’t as simple as throwing advertisements out left and right. For example, some consumers have been experiencing “mobile app fatigue”, meaning they’ve got so many apps downloaded that they hardly look at them anymore; a better way to implement this marketing strategy may be to simply optimize your website for mobile viewing rather than creating an entire app.
  • Video Marketing: Videos allow consumers to absorb a lot of information in a short amount of time without expending any real energy or effort. Research conducted by Google and Ipsos in 2016 showed that 50% of Internet users look for video related to a product or service before visiting the store, proving the importance of video content on your site. There is a balance here, however. While Google may rank your site higher because you possess a video on your landing page, consumers may pass you by if it is not a high-quality production; make sure you’re taking the time to produce something worthwhile.
  • Content Marketing: Producing quality, relevant content will not only boost your ratings on Google (since the top five URLs generally get 75% of the clicks, this matters), it will genuinely benefit your customers. It should be readable, useful information that they can attribute to your company, making their likelihood of giving your their business much greater.

  If you can master these strategies, correctly employing their respective counterparts (like using SEO services in your content marketing strategy), you’ll see success come to you naturally.


  Rick Hogan, CEO & Co-Founder – Bleevit Interactive  Rick possesses over 20 years of digital marketing experience and started Bleevit Interactive with the primary mission of helping local businesses succeed online. When he is not working he can often be found hiking Great Falls, Virginia with his Labradoodle Lily, or sailing the Chesapeake Bay. If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve this post or otherwise want to give us a shout, send an email to hello@bleevit.com.

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