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Leveraging the power of technology to drive inbound marketing activities and generate sales opportunities that grow your business is an imperative for many organizations. You may be early in your consideration on how you can accomplish this, or perhaps you’ve read the reviews and done your homework and recognize the value that marketing automation tools such as HubSpot offer your company, allowing for improved conversion tracking, optimized retargeting and marketing efforts and scaling your business to grow your bottom line.

Increased web traffic and conversions, high-powered lead nurturing, better sales process management and closing deals all benefit from the features and functionality in HubSpot’s best-in-class GrowthStack toolset. You may have the expertise to use the system yourself, leading staff in creating powerful marketing automations and campaigns and are looking for implementation assistance. Or perhaps your plate is overflowing, and you’d like a strong partner to manage the entire process, from implementation to campaign design, development and execution. The good news is that you’ve found a HubSpot certified partner who can help with any use case!

Fully maximize your company’s use of HubSpot’s vast toolset, including powerful software and automation capabilities. Let an experienced team of business process management and marketing experts implement, customize and manage your HubSpot GrowthStack. HubSpot also offers over 400+ integrations that seamlessly enhance and support your current business tools.

Featured HubSpot Offerings

Hubspot’s integrated tools and automations improve lead generation and marketing automation and customer relationship management to boost conversion rates and sales success. A centralized database integrates all sources of information for leads and clients – data, interactions and communications, enabling precise attribution.

HubSpot’s software suite includes:

  • Marketing Hub
  • Sales Hub
  • Customer Service Hub
  • Customer Relationship Management software
  • Content Management Software Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub

With HubSpot’s Marketing Hub your company can:

  • Enhance your inbound marketing strategies and capabilities
  • Engage, nurture and convert prospects
  • Track and report on traffic and conversions

Increase your digital presence with SEO and inbound marketing tactics. Embed the HubSpot tracking pixel on your website, on CTA’s and forms, emails, links and more to capture leads and track interactions. Use the software and resources to create and publish your content, landing pages, ad campaigns, email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns and more. Start from scratch or use templates to build your lineup of communications then automate when finalized. Communicate with your leads via live chat or rely on conversational bots. Customize ultra-specific enrollment triggers for your email automations.

Then, measure the performance of your campaigns, track and attribute your highest lead sources and analyze your web traffic.

Grow your pipeline by capturing leads and tracking how your prospects interact with your website and marketing campaigns. Power your marketing efforts based on customized use cases and prospect behavior, then automate to scale your efforts. Attribute with ease when and how your leads become customers.

HubSpot Sales Hub

With HubSpot’s Sales Hub, you can:

  • Increase the efficiency of sales efforts
  • Track prospect actions and personalize outreach
  • Automate and finetune the sales pipeline

Streamline your sales pipeline with tools and automations to maximize efficiency in interacting with leads and closing deals. Build and automate email sequences and track prospect interactions with emails after integrating HubSpot with your business email. Build and deploy sales automations, then finetune targets, follow-up activities and sales personalization. Use lead scoring to develop quote-based workflows that identify and woo the most worthwhile prospects.
Review sales performance and productivity metrics to track room for improvement and where the sales pipeline could be improved.

Maximize the efficiency and capabilities of your sales team to increase interactions and conversions with prospective customers. Task automations and reminders enable sales reps to capture each opportunity to nurture leads instead of dropping them, and do so through the channels their prospects prefer.

HubSpot Service Hub

With HubSpot’s Service Hub, you can:

  • Connect with customers through their medium of choice
  • Readily assist customers with a ticket system and an arsenal of resources

Deliver, track and improve upon a first-class customer support experience. Enable multiple communication channels to feed into your CRM so you can respond to client and customer communications all in one place. Build a knowledge base to deploy based on customer needs and queries. Facilitate speedy customer assistance and resolution with a flexible ticket system – assign, prioritize and track ticket statuses, then measure and report on success rates. Elicit feedback with surveys and continue to improve your customer service and support.

Provide support at scale with ticket and task automations to ensure swift rep assignment, communication and a resolution for each client’s issue or question. Develop resources to speed resolutions and track ticket statuses to completion with in-depth reports to estimate and improve customer service capabilities.

HubSpot CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

With HubSpot’s powerful CRM, you can:

  • Gather data and track every interaction, site visit and communication with leads and clients alike
  • Build and embed forms and bots on your website
  • Build an email template library and track emails via integration

This CRM gem is an all-in-one prospect and customer database that integrates with and enables all aspects of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and Service Hub. Track every time a lead opens or interacts with your emails, visits your website (track page views), fills out a form, uses the live chat, purchases a product and much more. Use lead and customer data to create contact lists based on specific criteria (e.g. contact properties or interactions with emails, ads or site pages). Use accumulated contact data to create and manage workflows, deals and tasks. Then, armed with precise data, use the Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs to nurture leads into converting, close deals and provide stellar and reliable customer service.

HubSpot CMS (Content Management System) Hub

With HubSpot’s CMS Hub, you can:

  • Create and publish site pages with interactive elements
  • Test and improve customer experiences
  • Secure your website and web performance

Build and publish secure web pages using easily customizable templates and themes with a drag-and-drop editor. Secure your website with a standard SSL certificate, benefit from security monitoring and threat detection enabled 24/7 and enjoy 99.99% uptime. Improve user experiences by embedding bots and chat functions and other interactive elements seamlessly. Use tools for running A/B tests on web and landing pages to improve on designs and page performances.

Easily develop interactive, lead-capturing elements and beautiful web pages that can be tested to improve customer experiences. Ensure website security and reliable performance with robust tools to deliver a seamless, secure experience for site visitors.

HubSpot Implementation & Management Services

HubSpot’s software grants vast tools and capabilities to improve your marketing, sales and service efforts to generate consistent business growth. But which HubSpot tools are right for you? Our team at Bleevit Interactive consults with you to determine the effectiveness of your current marketing and sales processes, then identifies the best software offerings for your business needs.

As a HubSpot Certified Partner, Bleevit Interactive specializes in HubSpot Consultation, Implementation and Training, particularly because our team uses HubSpot to run and improve our company’s own sales and marketing results. This experience, our training and certifications, equips Bleevit to plan and execute your implementation and train your team effectively in the effective use of HubSpot.

By implementing HubSpot, your team can nurture leads through automated, personalized efforts, to qualify when and where they convert into customers. HubSpot’s marketing and sales capabilities help your company pinpoint through analytics how to improve your conversion strategies.

Unleash your marketing and sales potential with HubSpot’s all-in-one software innovations to fuel sustainable growth.

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