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How Working with a Google Partner Benefits Your Organization


Google Ads is Google’s flagship advertising platform that consists of the Google Search Network and Google Display Network. Google Ads helps organizations grow their lead flow, enhance brand awareness, drive and track conversions, all while controlling the audience that is served ads and budget (monetary spend). Successfully leveraging and maximizing results from Google Ads often requires campaign and ad development and management that is best delivered by a badged Google Partner. In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of a Google Partner badge and how the required knowledge, training, experience and certifications benefit organizations.

Earning a Google Partner Badge

The Google Partner Program sets out partnership requirements that individuals and companies must meet to earn and maintain a Google Badge, which grants them the authorization to manage Google Ads accounts for clients. Google enacts strict requirements for partners to maintain their badges and tiers of partnership. One of the major requirements includes earning Google Ad Skillshop certifications by passing multiple in-depth exams every year to ensure that individuals and companies stay up to date on best practices, management techniques, and product developments. Google Partners must also meet campaign performance standards and ad spend requirements to demonstrate that they are actively engaged in managing ads for clients.

Benefits of Working with a Google Partner

Google Ads is a highly complex and powerful advertising platform with the ability to create and execute multiple types of ads that achieve varying business goals. To maximize the effectiveness of these campaigns, they need to be managed on an ongoing basis by a skilled, certified Google Ads practitioner. Google Partners have guaranteed real-world training and adhere to quality standards in both campaign strategy, development and management. Companies with the Google Partner Badge maintain best practices and leverage innovative strategies based on latest advances in advertising technology supplied by the Google Ads platform. Such companies also have access to advanced product training as well as account and technical support from Google Ad reps which allows them to receive and act on feedback regarding ad quality and performance.

Members of the Google Partner Program also can receive promotional offer rewards that grant credits to client advertising budgets, plus access to Google Ads beta features before public availability. Perhaps the most important benefit of working with a Google Partner is the assurance that the company is certified and employs knowledgeable experts who are held to a higher standard of excellence in campaign management and ad performance. Note that badges must be earned and quality scores maintained, and if status is not achieved as directed, Google will quickly revoke partnership status. Google measures and scores the quality of partner-developed campaigns to ensure their clients receive superior campaigns that improve over time, so that advertising targets are met (such as lowered cost per acquisition [CPA]).

The bottom line: Google Partners have the badge that proves their worth as Google Ads campaign managers, and the first-hand experience and training to consistently develop and manage successful ads for their clients.

Your company can reach a vast number of potential customers when partnered with an organization that knows how to maximize the value of Google Ads. Google Partners can optimize your ad campaigns, increase the effectiveness of ads and their ROI and help deliver long-term advertising success. Contact Bleevit Interactive to learn more about how our Google Partner Badge qualifies us to get the most for you from your pay-per-click campaigns.


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