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Free Website Security Scan

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Malware Detection

Continuous security monitoring, providing realtime alerts in the event of a malware injection.

Security Firewall

Stop hackers before they ever reach your site with the industry’s most comprehensive web access firewall.

Malware Removal

Malware removal and remediation keeping your website reputation in tact and your site visitors happy and safe.

CDN for Improved Performance

Your pages are served to your users from servers distributed across the web greatly improving site speed.

Site Blacklist Removal

The quickest and most complete way of removing your site from blacklists on Google and other internet authorities.


DDoS Mitigation

The advanced web access firewall detects DDoS attacks keeping your website online and your users happy.

Malware Removal & Ongoing Security Plans and Pricing

Fast, accurate and complete malware and malicious code removal is essential in oder to restore a proper functioning website and to remove your site from being flagged by search engines such as Google as being unsafe.

Restore your website and your reputation with one of the plans as outlined below.

Frequently Asked Questions

My site's been hacked! Now what?

If your site’s been hacked the best first step is to take your site offline immediately. (yes - we know that sounds harsh, but allowing users to visit your hacked sites places them as risk and when Google indexes your site it will be flagged as being unsafe and removed from the index hurting your reputation and your business.)  If you have access to the file system you should take it offline using the .htaccess method as described here. This will block all access to your site including blocking access to the hackers so they are no longer able to harm your site.

Change Your Passwords

You should change all your site passwords for all users who have access to your site. In addition to the sites backend, you should change your password for your Cpanel as well as database passwords. This will cut off access to your sites backend and Cpanel for any would be hacker that cracked or brute forced (guessed) your password.

Tip: We recommend creating a strong password using a strong password generator which you can find here.

Scan your site for malware

We recommend doing a front-end malware scan and security check as a starting point using the scanner at the top of this page. While this scan is comprehensive, it is not as thorough as a backend scan for obvious reasons.

Malware FTP Scan

While a front end malware scan can detect malware, a complete website scan of all your files will not only completely detect any malicious code, but can also remove the malicious code restoring your site to a safe condition.

We recommend choosing a plan here for automated malware removal and remediation. Not only will this fix your hack, but it will continuously monitor and remediate your website from future attacks.

Update and Patch Your Code Base

Update your website code base including the core CMS any add-ons and plugins. If you’re running WordPress click visit to learn of the latest version and put a plan together to update  your site. WordPress users should also inventory all plugins and install updated versions of those plugins. Plugins that have been deprecated should be removed and replaced with plugins with similar functionality.

Review Your Access Logs

Most hosting providers keep detailed access logs that you can download and review to identify the area of the site the hacker was able to attack.  A thorough review should be made here so you can remediate any security holes so your site does not get hacked again.

Contact Google

If your site was flagged as unsafe you will need to contact Google and other internet authorities letting them know you have remediated the attack. This will eventually restore your good standing in the Google’s index and stop any user flags and warnings your visitors may receive when they attempt to visit your site.

Check for Backdoors

Hackers often leave a backdoor on your website so they can continue to gain access to the site even after you have successfully remediated the malicious code. Please review this article on further tips for identifying backdoors.

An Ounce of Prevention

Website security is like dental care in that good ongoing hygiene is your best protection against tooth decay, or in your website’s case, hackers. If your business relies on your website then your business should become proactive when it comes to website security.

We recommend the implementation of active website security, monitoring and remediation tools as your best protection against hackers and of course keeping your website’s code base and all plugins up to date.

You can review complete plans from Sucuri here and choose the plan that best meets your needs.

Interactive Security Threat Map provided by Kaspersky Labs, a world leader in digital security solutions.

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