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Website Assessment & SEO Analysis Instructions

Step 1: Input your website address and a keyword or phrase.

This can be any page you would like to audit. Also, enter the keyword or key-phrase that you would like to rank for and are using to optimize your site.

Optionally click the + icon to place a competitors website address to see how your site compares.

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Input your sites URL and a keyword or phrase.

Step 3: A dialogue box will appear showing that your scan is being processed.



A dialogue box will show that the scan is being processed.

Step 5: You will receive a PDF version of the SEO audit in your the email.

With this report, you will be provided the the factors on what is holding your site back in search.

An email is then sent to you with a downloadable PDF report.

Step 2: Provide your name and email address and click “Scan Now”

Beginning the process and allowing us to email you a report of your scan.


Input your name and email address and click “Scan Now”

Step 4: After the scan is complete your report will be shown immediately in the same window.

You can then read the details of your page scan for your particular keyword or phrase.


After the scan is complete the report will be shown in the same window.

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What this Website assessment & SEO analysis report!

This free report will audit your site and show you what is holding your website back from first page of search results. Generating more traffic flow to your site which in turn generates more leads for your business.

Why is SEO important to your business success

In its purest and simplest form Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enhances your website for the various search engines (google, bing, yahoo, etc.). This optimization lets search engine find you and ultimately rank your website on the results pages. Ranking high in search results involves a lot of techniques and strategies, some of these are keyword optimization within your sites content.