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Email Marketing & Automation

Get Your Communications and Offers into Prospect and Customer Inboxes, Promoting Brand Awareness and Increasing Revenue Opportunities

High Performing Campaigns that Deliver ROI-Positive Results

Deepen your connection with prospects and customers and expand the reach of your brand and offers with purposeful, ROI-positive email marketing campaigns. Bleevit designs and deploys powerful email marketing strategies, leveraging segmentation and strong calls to action to drive leads and conversions. With advanced reporting, behavior tracking, segmentation definition and automation, our solution can help you leverage email marketing to generate more site traffic, drive new sales, forge stronger connections with customers and market to prospects with personalized offers.

Drive Sales with Email Marketing by Leveraging Integration, Automation and Reporting Capabilities

Maximize your contact database

Email Marketing and CRM Integration

Successful email marketing and automation campaigns use your contact database to make each message feel personalized to the recipient. By fully integrating and automatically updating CRM systems with email marketing campaign data, Bleevit’s technical experts help you track recipient interactions and overall results. From WordPress and Joomla to MailChimp, Constant Contact or MyEmma and on to the CRM of your choice (we favor Zoho CRM as we’re experienced, accredited partners), make the most of your contact and lead data by speaking with Bleevit about your next email marketing campaign goal.
Streamline your email marketing efforts

Automation Goals

By designing and implementing automatic communications and responses, Bleevit enables you to simplify, streamline and track your touchpoints with prospects and customers. Set specific goal actions and use in-depth analysis to track completion percentages. Convert leads into closed sales deals with customizable automation capabilities that offer complex and personalized touchpoints.
Measure Results and Fine-tune Campaigns

Advanced Reporting

After sending your campaign, Bleevit provides you with data and analysis to discover what is and isn’t working and uncover growth opportunities. We track and report on your delivery, open, click and bounce rates and pinpoint how your audience interacted with your message for each campaign. With results centralized in one hub, Bleevit can update and further segment audiences based on interactions with previous campaigns, enabling precise customization to enhance engagement and conversions.
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Email marketing is a proven technique for reaching your target audience with offers and news – a vitally important, high-ROI channel connecting your business with your prospect and customer base. Schedule a free consultation with one of Bleevit’s email marketing experts to get started achieving your email marketing and automation goals.

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The Bleevit team has transformed our digital marketing. They are amazing! Highly recommended!
Paul Kordon
Dent Shop
Bleevit has helped to generate tons of leads and millions of dollars in sales for our organization!
Steve Schrader
BG Outdoor Services
Bleevit created and optimized our local online presence increasing web and foot traffic. We've never been busier.
Dawn Caicedo
Fur Factory