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Bleevit designs and deploys powerful email marketing strategies and campaigns to your email list, leveraging segmentation and modern platforms to call attention to your messages and/or offers. Successful email marketing and automation campaigns rely on the establishment and management of your contacts and data to make each campaign sent feel personalized to the recipient. With advanced reporting, behavior tracking, segmentation definition and targeted automation, Bleevit can help you make your customers feel like each email was handcrafted just for them.

CMS and CRM Integration

Bleevit’s technical experts are well schooled in integrating CRM systems with email marketing platforms and leveraging native and third party tools to update both systems based on the results of email recipient actions, segmentation characteristics and automation results. From WordPress and Joomla to MailChimp, Constant Contact or MyEmma and on to the CRM of your choice (we favor Zoho CRM as we’re experienced, accredited partners), make the most of your contact and lead data by speaking with Bleevit about your next email marketing campaign goal.

Automation Goals

Bleevit sets specific goal actions so we can move contacts to the right stage of your marketing funnel. Our in-depth analysis allows you to track the number of contacts that complete goals and the percentage that convert. By designing and implementing automatic communication and responses, Bleevit enables you to simplify, streamline and track your touchpoints with prospects and customers. Convert leads into sales with customizable automation capabilities that offer complex and personalized touchpoints.

Advanced Reporting

After your first campaign is sent, Bleevit provides you with data and analysis to discover what is working, what isn’t and opportunities for growth. We track and report on your delivery rates, status of email open rates and pinpoint how your audience interacted with the email, for each and every campaign. With results centralized in one hub, Bleevit can update and further segment audiences based on interactions with previous campaigns, enabling precise customization to entice engagement or conversions.


Happy customers!

"Bleevit's digital marketing strategy has been instrumental in accelerating our growth and profits."

Stephen Schrader, President

Bio Green Outdoor Services

"Bleevit's web design team did a fantastic job and has been incredibly responsive to our needs!"

Andy Misovec, CEO & Co-Founder

Foxhound Partners, Inc.

"Bleevit increased the number of leads from my Google Ads campaigns while lowering my ad spend. Amazing!"

Daryl Collette, Owner

Automotive Quality Solutions

Proud to be a Google Partner

Our commitment to lifelong learning and innovation within the Google Ads ecosystem has led Bleevit Interactive to become a dedicated Grow with Google Partner, and a part of Google’s Partner Program at the Agency level.

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