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To grasp the unique opportunities present in your industry and grow your business ahead of the competition, it’s crucial to understand, measure and improve upon the digital marketing efforts that drive leads, conversions and sales opportunities. You can do just that with an integrated digital analytics and reporting platform that grants necessary, real-time insights into search performance and rankings, lead attribution and crucial data on online marketing campaigns. The insights gained from such reporting enables your business to grow faster through the ability for improved tracking and measurement. With important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at your fingertips, you can shift your advertising budget and campaigns to the audience and channels that provide the highest value to your business.

Turn Your Data Into Market Intelligence

An integrated digital analytics platform is the foundation of successful digital marketing effort and is essential to effectively measuring the pulse of your campaigns.

The right platform will help you understand your data, enable you to pinpoint and act on trends, and most importantly, identify and measure the value of your digital marketing efforts. Instead of being overwhelmed with data, the right integrated platform will offer customized reporting, views and KPIs to help you focus on meaningful measurements of marketing success.

Interactive Digital Analytics dashboard
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Integrate Data into a Centralized Reporting System

Bleevit Interactive’s Integrated Digital Analytics platform eliminates the need for manual logins to multiple systems to access important information sources. Our team integrates all relevant data sources into a single, user-friendly, interactive dashboard. This enables your business to quickly pinpoint trends and compare and contrast meaningful market intelligence across the web, social media and more. A centralized digital analytics dashboard also increases team efficiency by allowing everyone to be on the same page, with each employee granted access to the data they need to develop and/or review reports and take action quickly.

Measure Clicks – Capture Leads – Generate Revenue

Digital analytics helps you understand and market to your target audience better – by helping you identify what your audience is searching for, where and how prospects interact with your business and what triggers conversions. Measure your site traffic and keyword rankings and track how they improve over time as your on-page and off-page SEO efforts bear fruit. You can continuously fine-tune your marketing and advertising efforts based on data that indicates where your leads come from and where they convert. This knowledge helps you reduce your ad spend by allocating funds to highest volume lead sources as well as identify what web pages, landing pages and other digital assets attract the most valuable traffic and interaction and understand how to improve your lead magnets and ad creatives.

Improve ROI with Comprehensive Campaign Performance Analytics

For any business to grow, they need to attract and convert new prospects. But that requires knowledge such as how your leads discover your brand and how your website and landing pages deliver conversions.

The first key to growth is identifying how leads find and interact with your brand – what channels generate the highest number of leads and conversions? Our digital analytics platform can determine if leads came from organic search, direct brand search, paid search or display ads, referrals, social media or other sources. Direct your marketing efforts towards platforms and channels that convert, and document the value of those campaigns by reporting on the increase in monthly site visitors in comparison to historical data.

Once on your website, pixels integrated with digital analytics can track how these leads interact with your business – via page sessions and duration, customizable goal completions (i.e. viewing a certain number of pages, visiting the website for a certain duration, calling, filling out a form). Being able to identify your most popular web pages informs companies how users interact with the website and identifies your most useful content.

Return on investment

An integrated digital analytics platform can also measure the performance of pay-per-click (PPC) and retargeting campaigns. Use the campaign performance data gathered here to adjust your audiences, ad creatives and target keywords as needed to increase conversion rates and your return on ad spend (ROAS).

Track your local industry keyword rankings and compare your performance in the search engine results page rankings over time. At Bleevit Interactive, our Integrated Digital Analytics platform can help you track and evaluate keyword performance, as well as which search terms drive the most traffic and conversions to your website.

The biggest benefit of Bleevit’s Integrated Digital Analytics platform is using a centralized dashboard integrated with your important data sources so you can easily view, analyze and report on historical and real-time data in executive summaries with your KPIs for faster, improved decision-making.

Digital Analytics Integration & Implementation Services

Bleevit Interactive leverages our years of expertise in marketing, sales and technology to provide meaningful data to our clients, all delivered via our easy-to-use, Integrated Digital Analytics dashboard. The dashboard is available 24/7/365 and provides real-time, drill-down access to regular reporting and insights. Our platform delivers 100% data transparency and 360-degree visibility to current and historical organic search results, advertising campaigns and SEO performance. This knowledge helps our clients analyze and and adjust ad spend and other marketing spend to fit their lead generation needs, measure their KPIs, target audience response and meet their advertising budget. Contact us today to learn how we can implement our powerful digital analytics reporting platform for your business to help you better manage your marketing initiatives and advertising spend to increase your lead generation efforts and sales revenue.

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