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Why Your Small Business Needs to Start Blogging!

I tell my clients if they have a website then they are in fact in the publishing business. Not that they need to publish anything close to the New York Times, but if they want to win in their markets and perform well in search they need to position themselves as thought leaders by creating and publishing high quality, original content .

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Boost Sales and Lower Costs with Landing Pages

Landing pages are web pages that are created specifically to get a visitor to that page to take a specific action such as requesting a price quote. This post explores how optimized landing pages can really juice your campaigns lead flow and lower the cost of client acquisition.

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Local Directories for Fun and for Profit!

Accurate local citations local and directory listing drive website traffic and are an important factor for local search engine success. This post provides a thorough explanation of what location citations are, why they important and teaches you what you can do to improve your local citation listings footprint.

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