Search engine optimization is an important part of digital marketing because it’s what gets your company’s website visible in the first place. Only when your website is visible to your target audience do other issues such as website design and friction (the number of steps it takes for customers to get to where they want) become relevant.

But SEO isn’t just about using the right keywords. With Google’s changing algorithms and technology shifting toward mobile-first, it’s important that you’re using your SEO in a strategic way.

That said, here are a few ways you can improve your company’s SEO to help you boost your search rankings even when Google updates.

  1. Outsource an experienced digital marketing agency. Digital marketing agencies specialize in digital marketing like SEO strategies and content marketing. If there’s a way to improve your SEO, they know how to do it. What’s more, digital marketing agencies also have the skills to get your rankings back up when a Google update hits your business hard.
  2. Focus on high-quality content. Keywords are just one part of search engine optimization. They’re the bait on the hook to attract Google’s search engine crawlers. But you need more than bait to catch a crawler. You also need a strong fishing line. That fishing line is your content. Without high-quality content, your keywords don’t offer Google crawlers much of anything. High-quality content means content that other websites can link back to and readers will love, which increases traffic. Increased traffic means Google crawlers see your website is worth higher search rankings, exponentially increasing your exposure, traffic, leads and sales.
  3. Make sure the content you’re posting is relevant. For example, you don’t want to simply state that websites should be optimized for mobile devices, since by now this is common knowledge. Instead, advise exactly how they can be optimized, point out common pitfalls that often get overlooked in the optimization process and recommend frequent testing of sites on multiple mobile devices. Outdated, vague content keeps users from clicking on your articles and webpages, which sends a message to Google that your content doesn’t provide any solutions for the users on its website. Aim to post high-quality, relevant content that places you as an expert in your industry.

Looking for a digital marketing agency to help your business?

Search engine optimization is more relevant than ever. In fact, up to 75% of online users never scroll past the first page of search results on Google, which means it’s up to SEO to get your company ranking higher.

A professional digital marketing agency like Bleevit Interactive can help your company boost your SEO and rank higher on search pages. To learn more about our SEO services, social media strategy services, PPC campaign development and other digital marketing services, give us a call today.


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